7 Hit Katy Perry Singles to Rock out to ...

Because of her phenomenal singing skills and philanthropy, I am always excited at the prospect of jamming to the hit Katy Perry singles that are on replay everyday. This talented songtress is no stranger to the pop music industry. She's always one step ahead and always manages to dish out a catchy tune at least three times a year, something that I am certainly not complaining about. These hit Katy Perry singles will offer insight on why she deserves her honorary status as the Queen of Pop.

1. Roar

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Starting off this list of hit Katy Perry Singles is one of the most popular songs of last summer. I was fortunate enough to see her sing this live under the Brooklyn Bridge as a part of the closing 2013 VMA performance. It was such a wonderful experience getting the chance to finally hear her lovely voice, as I've been a fan for years. With phenomenal dancers to back up her performance, she truly did the song justice.

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