7 Hey Ocean Songs That You Must Add to Your Playlist ...

If you’re looking for some fun, spunky, and upbeat music to add to your playlist, then some Hey Ocean songs would be perfect for you. Hey Ocean is an alternative pop band comprised of Ashleigh Ball, David Beckingham, and David Vertesi. What I love about this band is that all of their songs are so different and catchy. And best of all – they’re Canadian! Here are seven Hey Ocean songs that you must add to your playlist.

1. Make a New Dance up

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Out of all the Hey Ocean songs from this list, Make a New Dance Up is probably the most memorable. It’s a very catchy, upbeat song. Like the title suggests, this song will make you want to make a new dance up. I would classify this song as a hype song, mainly because it’s positive, uplifting, and the music inspires you to be active. Make a New Dance Up is a great song to work out to. The next time you’re looking for an upbeat, inspirational song, I would definitely choose this one.

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