7 Crush Worthy Bands That Are Making a Name for Themselves ...

Trust me, 2014 will be full of crush worthy bands! It makes me very excited because I can't wait to hear all the new music that'll be coming out this year! There are a few new bands that have already made it on to my music radar, but I think this year will be the year that they all take over. Check out my pick for seven of the most crush worthy bands that are sure to break out this year. Let me know if you agree or who you think should be added to the list!

1. The Vamps

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Topping my list of crush worthy bands is The Vamps. I mean, look how adorable they all are! They're an English band and after major success in the UK with their debut single, they're now starting to hit the US. They've covered songs on their YouTube channel from One Direction's "Story of My Life" to Hanson's "MMMbop"! My personal favorite is an original song of theirs. It's called "Wild Heart" and it's so catchy!

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