7 Clever Ringtones to Use for Your Ex ...

If you’re not on good terms with your last boyfriend, there are ringtones to use for your ex that will make you remember not to pick up if he ever calls. You don’t want to get back together with someone when you know they’re wrong for you. As silly as it is, these ringtones are a way to give you the strength to avoid that phone call. These ringtones to use for your ex can be helpful, or just a way to make you laugh when he crosses your mind.

1. Telephone

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Lady Gaga sings this song about having too much fun on her own to answer her phone. She sings, “Sorry, I can not hear you. I’m kinda busy.” When your ex calls, remember how happy you can be without him in your life. This is one of the ringtones to use for your ex if you want to enjoy the single life. You don’t need a man to have fun; You can make it happen on your own.

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