4. Diana Ross

She is a legend of beauty, fashion, and grace and she carried on that legend as she performed and accepted the AMA Lifetime Achievement Award. At an awesome 73 years of age, her iconic crying voice still reached high notes and brought the audience to its feet. Then to top off her performance she brought her grandchildren up on the stage.

While she was performing her grandson was behind her and he broke out in an adorable rendition of splits and breakdancing. Looks like there's another performer in the family. Diana then brought up her whole family on stage along with Smokey Robinson and Motown founder Berry Gordy which was so touching and heartfelt that she considers them family. A true Grandmama moment when she is handed the Lifetime Achievement Award but stops festivities to take her fanny pack which was being handed to her by her granddaughter. Now that's a loving grandmother. The whole Diana segment brings tears to your eyes.

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