The Best 👏 Moments from the 2017 AMAs 🎶 You Don't Want to Miss 👀 ...


What were the best moments from the AMA 2017? The past few years of music awards have been tainted by politics, vulgarity and frankly less talent than our local Karaoke bar. However, the 2017 American Music Awards reignited hope for the future music industry by bringing back pure talent from the past. Here are the best moments from the AMA 2017.

1. Pink!!

Omg! She is fearless, creative, edgy, beautiful and has a set of pipes that don't quit even while propelling off the side of a building. If you saw this performance I don't need to tell you what a show stopper it was. Truly amazing on so many levels and one of the best best moments from the AMA 2017.

Kelly Clarkson
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