7 Awesome Pandora Stations That Are Hip and Happening ...

Any broke college kid will tell you that awesome Pandora stations are an easy way to make sure you get your daily dose of music... Plus, it is a free way to tune in without illegally downloading music (yup, there’s no such things as free music downloads). Be sure to tune into these awesome Pandora stations.

1. The Kat Dahlia Station

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Kat Dahlia’s station is exactly what comes to mind when I’m speaking about awesome Pandora stations. Her music has modern R & B style. Couple that with the background of a string ensemble and now you’ve really got something to listen to. Her station will link you with Hip Hop music that is fresh and new. Also, any song you find on this station is sure to be eccentric and infused with the beats and rhythms that are currently changing the R & B/Hip Hop culture.

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