7 Amazing Disney Songs since 2000 That You've Got to Love ...

Ever since Disney has released one new princess after the next, I’ve been keeping my ears peeled for amazing Disney songs since 2000. To my pleasant surprise, there are actually some great songs out there, even award nominated! It makes the music-lover in me so happy to stumble upon a new hit. If you’re looking for some awesome Disney songs since 2000, then look no further!

1. Let It Go

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Demi Lovato’s single β€œLet It Go” is performed by Idina Menzel in Disney’s most recent princess film β€œFrozen.” The song has been nominated for Best Original Song, and it’s clear as to why. I consider this one of the great Disney songs since 2000 because of its unique nature as Elsa (Menzel) sings about letting go of the world of isolation she’s lived in her whole life and accepting the freedom that now comes with not hiding who she is. It’s inspiring, empowering, and memorable!

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