7 Amazing Covers of Wrecking Ball You Need to Hear ...

Let's be real, there are SO many covers of "Wrecking Ball" by Miley Cyrus on YouTube. Going through them, it's a lot of "hit or miss." Personally, I think if someone manages to get the song's chorus down, then they're pretty darn good. These covers of "Wrecking Ball" definitely caught my attention. These people are insanely talented. I love all the different versions!

1. James Arthur

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I've been in love with James' voice ever since I saw his audition for UK's X Factor in 2012. He's super talented. I love his raspy voice and how he uses it to change up songs and make them his own. For Radio Hamburg TV, James covered Miley and it's fantastic! The video got over 7 million views online! It's one of my favorite covers of "Wrecking Ball."

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