7 Acoustic Performances by Phillip Phillips That'll Leave You in Awe ...

There are so many amazing acoustic performances by Phillip Phillips. The American Idol winner has been very successful with his music, which makes me very happy! His new album, 'Behind the Light,' was just recently released and everything on there is amazing. Of course, that doesn't mean we can't jam out to his old stuff anymore! Check out some of my favorite acoustic performances by Phillip Phillips.

1. "home"

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This is the song that made us all fall in love with him. It even became the unofficial anthem of the 2012 Olympics! The song was everywhere and people couldn't get enough of it. I saw him perform it live at the American Idol tour and it was, as expected, amazing. I love when he performs it acoustically because he gets so lost in the music and it's a real treat to watch that. This is just one of many awesome acoustic performances by Phillip Phillips!

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