2. Career in Music

Music attracted the attention of Yemi Alade when she became the lead in one of the girl groups at that time, which was introduced and managed by one of the well reputed Music Associations, Storm Management.

This was in the year 2005 and it is from here when she entered the Peak Talent Show and won the competition in 2009.

Yemi Alade introduced her first single debut β€œFimisle”, which became major hit in radio.

The video featured eLDee and became the major hit that introduced her to the fans of music all around the globe.

She then continued her career by signing with some well known entertainment associations in the world.

She never stopped introducing pop sensation music from time to time and this is what made her one of the celebrities with millions of fans, soon after the release of the second album.

Yemi Alade has worked with the sensational singers from all around the globe and some of the names include Shina Peters, Yemi Sax, May D, Becca, Wizkid, Mary J.

Blige, M.I, etc.

She even performed in the Headies Award Ceremony, also known as the Grammys of Nigeria.

You can find many websites that offer the chance to listen online Yemi Alade songs.

Most of her creations have entered into the list of songs that are the most listened ones in many countries such as Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Liberia, United Kingdom and Zimbabwe and many other such countries.